Free web television project



 The FreeTW team:




             The chief noise-controller for the best sleeping-user-experiences




              The Chief Officer for the extreme debugging operations




                    The master 'coffee-to-code' robot     and    the Master Supervisor Officer




        The FreeTW headquarters




 If interested you can also read:  The FreeTW history


 We will not collaborate with any non-ethical organizations and we will not participate either to military, industrial or scientific projects that imply vivisection or any form of sufference and pain caused to humans and animals.

The FreeTw team



    no spyware no spam no virus no patents ...and NO MONOPOLY !



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Programmers: Livio Cicala, Roberto Cena

Beta testers: Beppe, Marco (Mr.Five), Luca (the turtle), Enrico Gribaudi

Collaborators and friends: Paolo (Caio), Guido (S.P.E.M.), Piero Gilardi