Free web television project



Still less "computer" increasingly "television"

 The "mission" of the FreeTW project is to reach an hybrid TV-Web-PC, which everyone can use, as easy as a television, but powerful as a real PC.


This is what would happen using decoders.



And this is a FreeTW system.


the notebook disappears behind the monitor and you should see only three things ...




 The FreeTW project aims to:

- facilitate the detachment from TV monopoly and migration towards a free TV, based on multimedia resources, on peer-to-peer and on the web

- create a low cost system

- only need one remote control for all

- use a limited number of commands

- manage ALL the multimedia operations, in a SINGLE ENVIRONMENT, using the SAME CONTROLS




 Managing ALL multimedia operations ...

 These are the multimedia operations to manage. There isn’t any media-center, DVD player, receiver or TV that is able to master them all. Only a true PC with a real operating system can do that.




 When using the PC you’d have usually to use at least four programs: "Windows Media Player," "images viewer", "Internet Explorer" and "Windows Explorer" . .  These environments are very different, with different commands, whith small captions, not easy to be read from your lounge and moreover they are hard to be mastered using a remote control.

 A common approach, which should solve everything, was 'the "Media Center". In fact, these programs are creating more problems than those they’re targeting and who has tried them a little knows very well their limitations.  With "Media center" you will be flooded by a plethora of "plug-in" and you always have a partial system, which is never complete and has to be updated continuously... to browse the Internet or to avoid failing in reproducing some types of media files. To watch at some medias... sometimes you must first create a play-list or download something else ... until the despair and the decision to return to Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer.



 ... with the same controls.

 FreeTW dispatches different tasks to the applications already present inside the system PC, easing their use and simplifying commands. Unlike the "Media center", FreeTW does not take the full control of the operating system with a worst imitation, instead it enhances the operating system strengths integrating additional functions.





 Here you can find general informations about the concepts behind FreeTW and also many Italian television and radio links playable with Windows Media Player, even without using the FreeTW application.

Streaming on the Web
MediaPlayers and MediaCenters
Monitors and Computers
Remote control instructions
Voice recognition

 Hereafter you can find informations about the FreeTW program (it is a WindowsXP and WindowsVista application)

User guide
Installation and troubleshooting
Program screenshots
Analog and Digital TV
Satellites and dishes
Technical notes
Commercial notes

 These are the FreeTW program characteristics ( please read them before buying anything )



 How to buy the FreeTW program

 To find the program FreeTW you should go on eBay and search for "FreeTW". Unless you find it, write at:  and we will reach an agreement to send you a copy in a different fashion.

 The program FreeTW has no kind of protection; you can copy it at will to all your friends and relatives.  But it should be better if you buy it on eBay, sending me a few Euro with PayPal and then inviting your friends to my eBay shop.  Please note that one of the purposes of this project is to "limit market and resources to the monopoly TV as much as possible" . Please help me to do so.

  Giving your contribution to this research, I could continue to work on FreeTW that will become a better product in the future versions. After buying on eBay you’ll receive free of charge all the future versions and you could contact me to have some missing functions developed and problems fixed. If you like it, you could register to a FreeTW newsletter too.

 The application "FreeTW" relies completely on freeware technologies: Direct Show, MCI (Media Control Interface), VFW (Video for Windows), Windows Media Player 11, Internet Explorer 7, SpeechApi 5.1 and Visual Studio 2008 express, all kindly made available for free by Microsoft .



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